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Elevating the Cannabis Experience at On the Ridge Co. 

At On the Ridge Co., our mission is to redefine the cannabis experience, where every intricate detail receives the attention it deserves. From root to flower, we are devoted to connecting cannabis consumers with trusted cultivators through our House of Brands. Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional products; it extends to delivering a holistic cannabis journey, embracing natural well-being and fostering continuous learning in every element. 


Experiential Cannabis Workshops and Tourism:

Bridging Knowledge and Enjoyment 

Discover the heart of our dedication through our Experiential Cannabis Workshops, designed to bridge the gap between customer and cannabis experiences. Immerse yourself in the rich and widespread cannabis culture that forms the foundation of our industry. Our workshops not only share knowledge about the unique elements of cannabis but also provide an opportunity to indulge in an educational and enjoyable exploration of the plant. 

Telling Our Brand Story:

A Journey Through Our House of Brands 

Explore the narrative of On the Ridge Co. through our House of Brands, where each selection reflects our expertise in curating the finest cannabis offerings. Crafted with precision, our collection is a tribute to quality, locality, and the artistry of small craft-cannabis producers. Step into our digital haven and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, offering enthusiasts an unparalleled selection meticulously tailored to appreciate the finer aspects of the plant. 


Reason for Our Being:

A Commitment to Quality from Root to Flower 

We exist to provide a cohesive cannabis experience, valuing the significance of every detail, whether big or small. At On the Ridge Co., our commitment to quality spans from root to flower and seed to sale. We take pride in being dedicated to connecting cannabis consumers with trusted cultivators, emphasizing a comprehensive approach that prioritizes natural well-being and continuous learning throughout every element of our offerings. 


On the Ridge Co. is more than a cannabis destination; it’s a commitment to excellence, a celebration of cannabis culture, and an immersive journey that encapsulates the very essence of the plant. Join us in elevating the cannabis experience to new heights, where passion, knowledge, and quality converge in perfect harmony. 

Our Story 

It took us 6 years to get here and we are incredibly overjoyed and grateful to be able to share our story with you.  

Niagara Falls, ON – What used to be a dentist’s office location at 6915 Lundy’s Lane has become Canada’s newest Cannabis Education Center and Event Space. 

You may recognize the charming little house that sits across from Johnny Rocco’s and kitty-corner to the TD Plaza which has been vacant since 2010. It was not always so ‘charming’. When the partners discovered it three years ago, it was filled with dentist’s chairs, cubicles, and rotting floors. Despite its condition, they saw its potential and immediately embarked on a transformative construction project

The concept took root five years ago, and after three years of meticulous planning, the inaugural store opened amid the challenges of the pandemic. At a time when the Niagara Falls tourism industry faced the repercussions of COVID lockdowns, the partners saw the Education Center as a chance to infuse vitality into the community. 

After the opening of their On The Ridge Cannabis store strategically located on Stanley Ave. and Hwy “420”, the team pursued and successfully secured a tourism grant from the Federal government for the Education Center.  

Their vision: a year-round haven where visitors can immerse themselves in cannabis education and events. This cannabis-themed space is designed for more than just purchases; it’s a place to unwind with yoga, attend workshops, puff’n’paint, take cannabis cooking classes or simply relax after purchasing your stash. The store was always meant to be secondary to the vision of a cannabis education space. 

The concept of a store with educational components originated from founders Dr. Catherine Swanson and John Biasucci, while the tourism aspect was envisioned by their partner, Karen Mariano. 

Catherine, a seasoned Ph.D. researcher in social psychology, developed an interest in cannabis seven years ago, anticipating its legalization in Canada. Specializing in health, illness, and the healthcare system, she taught at McMaster University, focusing on the pharmaceutical industry. Frustrated by its drawbacks, Catherine embarked on a research journey into cannabis, swiftly discerning its safer benefits. Observing how it alleviated John’s pain, she felt a strong inclination to advocate for cannabis wellness. 

Motivated by personal health benefits, John found a profound impact of cannabis on his well-being, transitioning six years ago from ineffective and addictive pain medications. The shift brought noticeable improvements in moods and breaking dependency on medications. Cannabis reduced his anxiety and stress, eliminating the need for other medications. 

Acknowledging the flourishing cannabis market, the Lundy’s Lane establishment marks their third legal adult-use recreational cannabis store within two years, under AGCO regulations. 

When the journey started more than five years ago, the two partners enlisted a family friend, Karen Mariano, a seasoned tourism specialist, as a partner and Director of Tourism. Boasting over 40 years of invaluable experience in the tourism industry, Karen, a board member of the Canadian Cannabis Tourism Alliance  (CCTA), and with an extensive background in various roles within Niagara tourism, wasted no time in forging key partnerships for the business. Her influence has been pivotal in crafting the Tourism Education Workshops, showcasing her instrumental role in the venture. 

Currently On The Ridge boasts multiple partners and tour operators, expect the full event schedule and new website to be unveiled prior to the launch.  

Mark December 8th at 1pm on your calendar and come join John, Catherine, Karen, and His Worship, Mayor Jim Diodati the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new location. 

Niagara Falls, ON – The vibrant city of Niagara Falls is about to witness a groundbreaking addition to its cultural landscape as Lundy’s Lane Cannabis Education Center and Event Space will host their Grand Opening on Friday, December 8th.

This innovative establishment marks a significant milestone in the domain of cannabis education and community engagement. More than a retail store, On The Ridge is a community hub for cutting-edge cannabis education and events. The Education Centre will feature ongoing workshops and have a variety of cannabis-education-related materials on-site and online.

This one-of-a-kind business will feature Interactive Cannabis Workshop Experiences such as Puff’n’Paint, rosin pressing, joint rolling, exploring cannabis consumption methods, and Cannabis history. The space can be rented for cannabis-themed events, such as yoga, bachelor/bachelorette parties, comedy nights, cooking classes, and much more.

Five years ago partners, Catherine Swanson PhD, John Biasucci and Karen Mariano had a vision to start a cannabis business; then, two years ago they opened On The Ridge Cannabis on the corner of Stanley Ave. and Hwy “420”, their first store. Having weathered the common challenges and pitfalls faced by new entrepreneurs and having invested two years of unwavering dedication, effort, and passion into crafting their new store, they are now prepared to embark on their next business journey.

Mark December 8th at 2pm on your calendar as His Worship, Mayor
Jim Diodati and MP Wayne Gates join us for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new location.

Expect the full event schedule to be released next week.

Niagara Falls – The official launch of the On The Ridge Cannabis Store, Education and Event Center on Lundy’s Lane will take place this Friday. Please join the founding partners, His Worship, Mayor Diodati, and M.P.P. Wayne Gates for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and video presentation at 2pm.

Beyond being a premium cannabis retail destination, On The Ridge Education Center and Event Space on Lundy’s Lane is a groundbreaking addition to its cultural landscape. The center offers ongoing workshops and an extensive range of on-site and online cannabis education materials, catering to both novice and seasoned cannabis users.

As we gear up for the official website launch this Friday, anticipate a wealth of educational resources tailored for all levels of cannabis enthusiasts. Founding partner, Dr. Catherine Swanson PhD., has written and curated a substantial volume of content, set to be unveiled weekly in the coming months.

The Education Center enhances your learning experience with cannabis-education décor adorning the space. It is a journey where education meets immersive exploration, shaping a comprehensive understanding of cannabis within and beyond the center’s walls.

The launch will also see the unveiling of the Center’s Interactive Cannabis Workshop Experiences such as Puff’n’Paint, rosin pressing, joint rolling, exploring cannabis consumption methods, and Cannabis history. The space can be rented for cannabis-themed events, such as yoga, bachelor/bachelorette parties, comedy nights, cooking classes, and much more.

Whether you’re new to the world of cannabis or a seasoned connoisseur, On The Ridge provides cannabis-themed experiential tours and workshops that deliver fun, reliable, cutting-edge information on all aspects of Cannabis. The center’s tour partners include Scenic Tours of Niagara, Cellar Door Tours, and Distillery Tours of Niagara.

Our Team

John Biasucci

John Biasucci

Catherine Swanson PhD

Catherine Swanson PhD

Karen Mariano

Karen Mariano

Director of Tourism


The Evolution of Our Center

You might be familiar with the quaint house opposite Johnny Rocco’s and diagonally across from the TD Plaza, vacant since 2010. However, its charm today didn’t always exist. Three years ago, the partners stumbled upon it—filled with dentist’s chairs, cubicles, and decaying floors. Despite its initial state, they recognized its potential and dove into a transformative construction project.


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