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Discover the plant and explore its forms and uses.

The Cannabis Plant Anatomy 

All parts of the cannabis plant have historically been used for  

its recreational, spiritual, and medicinal purposes.  

Every part of the plant can and is used. 

Varieties of the cannabis plant

There are three genetic varieties of the cannabis plant each with unique aromas and appearances. Historically, Indica and Sativa were used to describe specific effects.

Years of crossbreeding produced cultivars with intermingled genetics. 

These terms are no longer reliable. 

 Cannabis labels list products as Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant meaning it has more characteristics of one. But these aren’t exact, people do report opposite effects.  

 Science shows effects are more about cannabinoid and terpene profiles and how it’s grown. 

Cannabis and the Brain

Studies show heavy use starting in the early teens negatively impacts the brain which develops until age 25.

Emotional development in the prefrontal cortex is particularly sensitive to cannabis.

As we age our cannabinoid system activity declines. Ongoing Canadian and German research suggests that
low doses of cannabis may be beneficial in restoring older brains, helping to preserve homeostasis.

Desirable effects:

  • relaxation
  • giddiness
  • experiencing things around you more intensely
  • increased appetite
  • altered perception of time and events
  • focus and creativity

Undesirable effects:

  • coordination issues 
  • delayed reaction time 
  • anxiety and nausea 
  • lethargy 
  • increased heart rate 
  • decreased blood pressure 
  • paranoia 

Effects are often minimal in high CBD products, compared with THC, 

are unique to each person and vary based on cultivar and dosage. 

If someone experiences negative effects from consuming too much cannabis, it’s recommended to consume CBD, eat food, sleep, or drink water. Effects dissipate within minutes to a few hours depending on how much was consumed.

There has never been a reported death linked to cannabis over-consumption.

Cannabis can impair the ability to operate a
motor vehicle, leading to accidents causing harm or death.
(1988 United States Administrative Law Hearing).

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